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I bought my godparents dinner at a fancy restaurant. I didn't get a card, but I got some phone calls to congratulate me. I think graduation gifts are exceedingly rare over here.
Homophobia is a primitive and infantile reaction to being confronted with something different. Many religions are characterised by lack of critical faculty, and as such, hateful and intolerant reactions are their first course.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius A nanny is ridiculously cheap - this is only 10 hours a week, so like $100 a week, literally. That's nothing compared to daycare that many pay. Why not go the whole hog then? Get a nanny for the other days, hire a prostitute once a week and you have effectively got yourself a decent wife.
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius A quick update in the most active thread in the general forum...I brought up a number of things with my wife, some of them inspired by you guys: Q: Have you thought about PPD? A: Is this your way of making me feel bad? Q: How do you think women used to do it when they had five kids? A: I couldn't do it! Are you nuts? Q: What do you think about working again? A: Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! In all...
Bespoke shirts are very unlikely to go on sale. I also doubt shirt maker would measure you for an online template.
Order a few, send back the ones you don't like?
I wear one every day. [[SPOILER]]
All are good, I would go more on who's style most clearly mirrors your own. One day, one day . . .
Pre-nups are taken into consideration (not strictly adhered to), but completely ignored when children arrive, at least in the UK, I am not sure how binding they are in US courts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. White Women are ruled by their emotions. All women's behavior is unreasonable. A man doesn't take women's words seriously. Rather, a man is patient and caring toward his woman, while he does what's necessary for the family as a whole. Once a man enters into a relationship, the "I" is gone. From that point, the man must think in terms of "us" -- or else he is the cause of a bad...
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