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Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta Get a car and rent a monster truck when needed. I'm tired of the "just in case" SUV and crew-cab pickup crowd.... +1 London's streets are choked with 4x4s ferrying single, weedy looking children about.
My own Brigg, silver band and maple handle. Having just missed the natural light, the picture fails to show the shimmery iridescent quality of the wood. I may still go for a JS Whangee handle model, or maybe a Fox one (they offer an invisible join between stick and handle on their more expensive models), but for now, the Brigg has satiated my umbrella appetite.
About those scratches, you wont find an umbrella without them. As I said in my first post, they are marks left when the brass components are separated from their casting sprue, I believe they cast several of them in a single pour, take the whole collection and create a patina on it by some form of dipping procedure, and then separate the components, leaving a raw mark where it was previously attached to the sprue. As the umbrella ages, the marks will fade to the colour...
Wood is nice, but I think the flared arms are more important, if it came down to it, I know I would choose a flared plastic hangar over a narrow wooden one for my jackets. Of course, we don't have to have to make these sacrifices, we can have both. Here is a source of hangars at approximately 1/3 the price of hanger project.
Goodness, those are some cheap shoes, especially when you consider the supposed goodyear welting, and the bundle of accoutrements they throw in. The shape is not as elegant as some, but what could you expect? I say buy a pair, at worst you are only £35 out of pocket. At those prices, resoling is almost certainly going to be more expensive than buying a new shoe.
If you ask nicely, James Smith can make one to length for you, could be an option if there is nothing there of the right height.
I recently looked at both and found the Brigg more to my liking. Assuming we are talking about 1 piece solid stick construction (as opposed to a fit up), the Brigg really is more elegant. Mainly because the shaft narrows (tapers) immediately above the handle, allowing you a tighter roll and a more refined appearance when open. It has a few other little touches that make it stand out as well, the lower end of the spokes are all fed onto a ring, which is then covered by a...
New Posts  All Forums: