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Trench coats are classic and cool. Rainwear is definitely worth spending money on.
Quote: Originally Posted by TourbillonTurk. Dear Monsieurs, me paying for the bill, she actually admitted that she had also felt uncomfortable with it initially but she was equally fond of it and found it a very masculine gesture apparently!?!?! Yes I am sure she felt just wretched when you were taking her to Cipriani and paying. Nothing shows a woman how much of an alpha you are as limply paying her way in return for her presence.
Something I have never understood is a business saying they will call you, and then not bothering. If something I want merits a callback, it is almost a given I want to purchase it, why don't they want to sell me things? Even if they thought it was unlikely I would buy, a call to ascertain as much would take all of 2 minutes. Are they just incompetent and lose my number, or stupid and dismiss the sale? In either case, I will certainly not call up to chase them about it,...
Quote: Originally Posted by mmadha And seriously how many times do I have to say I realize this is not the best picture! The point of these pictures was to capture the proud moment of my brother's graduation not to display my outfit. If you acknowledge that the pictures are useless for judging dress, why post them here for judging?
Quote: Originally Posted by VelvetGreen I'm selling one of my Cerruti dinner suits soon (nice as it is, I've gone down to a 38) and was thinking of putting the money towards something slightly nicer. The only problem with Ede is that I have heard less than encouraging reports about the quality of the clothing... I can't speak for jackets, but the trousers (made in Italy) and the shirts and coats (made in England), are very nice indeed.
Quote: Originally Posted by hasan_researc I am charging twenty pounds an hour. I am tutoring A level students (i.e. junior and senior high school students) in Physics, Chemistry and Maths and I am a second year undergraduate student at a reputable UK institution. Dress in a lab coat, smell strongly of toluene.
Liked this.
Perhaps you should ask Lewis?
I have seen those (in fact I have pair in a different colour), how do you propose to pay me? Bank transfer?
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