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This dropped off the front page, bringing it back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving No. Thanks for the visual reinforcement. I am happy with my new blue umbrella ! Then use it in the outfit you put up in the fit battle threak.
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design Wow, you are really all over the place. A breed of dog can come to love fighting after generations of specific breeding the same as a breed of dog can come to love running deer or retrieving fowl. I find it hard to believe that dogs enjoy being ripped to shreds and killed, while braying crowds of morons bet money on it. The obvious analogy to this is bullfighting, where the bulls are bred to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel I have no idea how you can "force" or "make" dogs fight each other. Either they have to want to or there's no fight. The fact of the matter is that fighting dogs love to fight. Are you being deliberately dense, or were you simply born this way? If an animal is bred, over many generations to have an aggressive temperament, is conditioned from birth to fight other dogs, and is beaten for not participating in...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel It's perfectly okay in Japan, where dogfighting is legal in most jurisdictions. One of my best friends is an erstwhile dogfighter. He's a wonderful fellow--a true man of God. With all the things we do to animals, I really don't think properly conducted dogfighting is all that bad. Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel When the rules are scrupulously observed and there's a good, fair...
Is dog fighting considered to be OK now? I can't believe anyone would enjoy it or associate with the sort of knuckle dragging morons who do.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving I will post an outfit or two when I return home tomorrow ... Gauntlet.
Fit Fit Fit Fit Fit Fit!!
This only steels my resolve to never again pay the licence fee.
Budd's RTW shirts are excellent, easily in the same bracket as T&A, I assume their bespoke is made to at least the same standards. If you're going into Budd, be sure to look at their madder ties, they have not only the best selection compared to the other shops, but also the lowest prices. Edit: I like their site. How refreshing to have all the prices and services on the website up front. Why can't more people just put their prices on display.
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