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hope there's no problem bringing up a dead thread... but does anyone have experience with these suits? they look interesting and i'm wondering if it's worth the 40 mile drive to my nearest one.
Quote: Originally Posted by nohio Did you find a 36s in-store at J. Crew or did you have to order it online? I thought they weren't being carried at the stores. yeah i had to order it online. they definitely do not carry size 36 in stores. banana doesn't carry 36s at all period!
so i tried them on again and i agree... B looks better now. i guess i was more captivated by the shininess of the coat up close, but overall it looks better and forms a better shape around me. i've made my choice with the jcrew one. thanks all... currently most expensive piece of wardrobe i have now!
Quote: Originally Posted by Suave looks sexy big guy is that what you wanted to hear? haha not really. i'm kind of disturbed now
coat A is brooks bros coat B is jcrew interesting I guess because i thought A looked better and so did my friend. i'll try them on again to do a double take.
Quote: Originally Posted by hobo_ken Why would you buy a 36R if you're 5'8. 36s should fit you fine since chest measurements will be the same as the 36R. because this whole coat sizing thing is new to me . anyhow, i got my brooks bros and jcrew 36s coats. the styles are a bit different, but i think i may want to keep one of the two (not both!). which do you guys think are better: A or B (guess which one is brooks bros and which one is jcrew ...
Quote: Originally Posted by mossmadness88 I have the same problem. H&M is too small, but most other stores are too big. A JCREW 36R fits mit perfectly, and it would probably do the same for you. a 36r coat just arrived for me from jcrew. i tried it on and it's clearly too long for me still (especially the sleeves). HOWEVER, the chest fit felt great; it's the best one so far, so that's encouraging.not worth taking a photo. anyhow, going...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mal Looks a little tight, but a lot better. shoot maybe i'm a 37
update with 36r pic from H&M
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