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Hi this may seem to be a strange question but wondering if you guys came give me advice on the twill trousers in relation to.. Cat hair! I have two cats and have noticed depending on the type of material pants I get, the cat hair sticks to it more on some, and less on others. With the epaulet wool pants and moleskins I have, the cat hair problem isn't so bad and can get away with a quick brush. However with the rivet chinos, the two that I have bought the cat hairs seem to...
Hi all, thought I might share some of the sales in Melbourne I encountered in Melbourne at the Boxing Day sales - henry bucks on Collins st - canali ties at $115 a lot of styles on offer. Drakes ties at $75 but slim pickings. A whole bunch of sports jackets mainly the maurizio baldassari brand but did see a few boglioli jackets. The waxed cotton belstaff jackets were also on sale. Didn't really go through what shirts, pants and suits were on offer - American tailors -...
Hi, I actually have a XL size for the trucker jacket. Am willing to do a trade with anyone with a size L? I reside in Australia. For now I'll consider a trade. I'll consider selling it if nobody is interesting in trading! Thanks
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