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"Quality" can not be separated from price. You can can try to sell me the greatest quality suit ever made, but if it costs 10 million dollars, I won't see the quality in it, because no suit is worth that much money. Value can only be judged by looking at price relative to craftsmanship. And when combining those two things, J Crew is a great buy (most of the time). Like others have said, you can always hold out for a 20 percent off coupon. J Crew's suits might not be...
Def. solid colors. Probably an all white oxford. I would leave the bottom unbuttoned. I think it would look pretty good with a pair of dark jeans and a plain white crew neck t-shirt, if you wanted to go with a more relaxed look.
http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?...179&cp=3138868 Not gray, but a start.
Only promotions going on right now are for women. Why does it seem like every deal J Crew runs is allows a women only deal?
I guess it depends on where you live, what kind of bars/clubs/places you hang out at, and what kind of girl you are looking for. If you are looking for everybody's favorite Friday night f*ck, being well dressed probably isn't going to attract her. So if you go to social gatherings where those types of girls are the only girls there, then you might be in trouble.
I can size down in J Crew and get the body fit I want, but I can't button the top button if I do that. If I fit my neck, the body is too big. So with J Crew, I always ask myself what kind of situation I'm going to wear the shirt in. If it's more of a casual shirt and I know I will always want the shirt to look relaxed and not too stuffy, I size down.
Quote: Originally Posted by doubleb Are there any Red Wing boots that would work with dress pants? I haven't seen the GT's or IR's up close, but they look like they may work with dress pants (but then again, maybe not). They definitely look good with jeans, but dress pants? Is that a stretch? The IR's look like they have a thin sole and they may work. I think there are some Red Wings that can maybe be pulled off with non-jeans, but not...
Quote: Originally Posted by ysb Hi guys, just a check here to see what's the deal with these RW's that I picked up. I've noticed that for the most part every other RW out there has "Red Wing Shoes" with the wing logo stamped on them somewhere. This pair that I have just says "Red Wings". Maybe it's an older style? They feel nice and legit but was wondering if they changed their logo. Thanks Nothing wrong with that logo. That is...
Quote: Originally Posted by tit_tyrant The ship date on the corduroys I ordered has been pushed back yet another month... Can anyone recommend some slim corduroys of respectable quality and a similar price? Wish I would have known this before today so that I could have copped the RRL cords at 25% off. Just hold off a little longer for the RRL cords. Ralph Lauren always runs one of its semi-annual sales a few weeks after their fall 25% off sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by J_Stallz Yes it does, that is the cause of the blistering. Is that due to the boots being brand new and not yet broken in or is it because the boots are too large? Yeah, they are too large. The insole that comes in that particular pair of Red Wings is real cheap. I would try a thicker pair of socks, and/or switch out the insole. But don't go with a gel one. They are cheap and thin out real quick, so you...
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