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Gentlemen, I have a funeral next Thursday, would any of you be able to help me locate a black grenadine tie before then? Thanks
Thank God they're out of my size, I would've cried.Yeah mainly polyester, but this is a temporary solution. fits perfectly OTR which is rare for me, Gerry you were right perhaps 2cm too short haha.
Found one that fits perfectly for $99 trying to convince myself to go back and buy it.Are David Jones taking the piss with their prices??
Spot on Gerry ...and the SC?
Yeah it was very good for middle distance running as a junior! Just a very thin frame I think.
Gents how are we? In the market for a slim fitting sport coat (I'm 186cm/~65kg), how does Zara go, thinking about having a browse. Any other recommendations?
Gents, after a small gift (say under $100) for a ladyfriend, struggling for something that isn't token like perfume..
Hey guys, hope you're all well! Just picked up a navy studio italia suit, and I'm having the trousers taken up a little, would a half inch break be best? Similarly, I have what could be termed chicken legs, although I prefer the term lithe. Would it be worthwhile to have the legs narrowed so I'm not swimming in them? Also I'll be wearing it with a white shirt (very adventurous I know) and because of my complexion was going to go with a deep red (jewel I suppose) tie and...
TheBrownMan, loving the shoes, thank you very much!
Cheers big man hope it's not too expensive but I'll head in tomorrow.
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