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I just tried it on yesterday. Same story as you dirtyGurty. Waist isn't slim enough. I also didn't like the pinstripe fabric. I thought it was going to be a solid navy, but there's faint lines going down the jacket. Did not cop.
ah, so it doesn't fit like the rest of the ludlow blazers?
Has anyone tried on the Japanese Cotton Twill sportcoat yet? How's the material and the fit?
Tres-Bien code that's valid until March 1st. 25 euros (33 USD) off your order over 120 euros. Use the codes 25EUR, 33USD, 22GBP, or 225SEK at checkout. That brings CPs to 293 for non-euro shoppers. Lowest I've seen in a while...might have to jump on it.
I went today around 5PM. Most of the jackets were gone. No xs, 1 small, a few mediums, and a bit of the larger sizes. There were still a good amount of inventory for pants / shorts in all sizes. I didn't exactly catalogue what kind of pants were in each bin though. There were also a lot of shirts left. The as-is items that I looked at all seemed fine to me. There were pay a few white stains that were easily washable, and one of them had thread that was loose. Looked...
Heading there today. Really hoping for a freeshell or anorak or shorts.
arrgg, I'm in the same boat. Why am I always late to these threads!?Quick question, how common is it to run into customs problems? Seems like its been happening once in a while to people in the US.
Who said it was my puke? Ok yeah, it was my puke. Sorry.
Found out this weekend that if you get puke on your lamb skin, that area will turn much stiffer than the rest of the jacket.
Anyone know where I can try on a pair of penny loafers in person in NYC? I've been wanting to buy some. Thanks
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