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I think it depends on the shoes, the jeans, and what top you're wearing. Something really dressy (shiny black captoes) would look kinda odd with jeans. Some other dress shoes are not as formal (wingtips; brown, especially lighter shades; non-shiny) and would look fine with dark jeans and a button up shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by bob99 My gym has one heavy bag, hanging beside the squat racks. There's a fat guy who will go up to the bag, wind up, and give it a huuuuuuuuge kick that almost makes him tip over. The bag then swings out of control for approximately 1 minute. He does this about 10 times and then leaves. It's annoying! Maybe it's his max-effort day and not his volume day?
Costco was selling a 2 year 24hr Fitness membership for $300, so I bought one. Works out to $12.50/month
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Anyone have that chart of what you should be lifting at each particular weight for the compound lifts? It was broken down into like... average man, 1 year of weight training, pro, or something like that. Weightlifting Performance Standards
Take Spanish: (Panamanian Cricket Team) +1 on Pimsleur. I liked it a lot.
OK, thanks
Seiko Black Monster and pick up a leather strap for it as well:
New to LA, never been to a game at the Coliseum. I know it's not in the greatest neighborhood, but are there sportsbars nearby if I wanted to show up extra early (to beat the traffic) and watch other games until the USC game starts?
I really like the Black Cherry GTs from Red Wing. I have two leather jackets, one black and one a whole lot lighter than Black Cherry. How much of a problem is it to wear the boots with another shade of leather jacket? Also, I just bought some tan AEs, and don't really like belts that light in color. Is it better to wear a darker belt or no belt at all? Thanks
So are the weightlifting shoes with the solid heels only for squats? I was thinking of getting a pair, but not sure I'd bother if I want to take them off for deadlifts. Also, is there anything terrible about propping my heels up on a weight when I squat to get the correct angle? Flat footed, I feel like I'm going to topple over backward so end up leaning forward to compensate (and I know I don't want to do that). To answer OP, I wear Chuck Taylor Allstars.
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