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Quote: Originally Posted by bob99 My gym has one heavy bag, hanging beside the squat racks. There's a fat guy who will go up to the bag, wind up, and give it a huuuuuuuuge kick that almost makes him tip over. The bag then swings out of control for approximately 1 minute. He does this about 10 times and then leaves. It's annoying! Maybe it's his max-effort day and not his volume day?
Costco was selling a 2 year 24hr Fitness membership for $300, so I bought one. Works out to $12.50/month
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Anyone have that chart of what you should be lifting at each particular weight for the compound lifts? It was broken down into like... average man, 1 year of weight training, pro, or something like that. Weightlifting Performance Standards
Take Spanish: (Panamanian Cricket Team) +1 on Pimsleur. I liked it a lot.
OK, thanks
Seiko Black Monster and pick up a leather strap for it as well:
New to LA, never been to a game at the Coliseum. I know it's not in the greatest neighborhood, but are there sportsbars nearby if I wanted to show up extra early (to beat the traffic) and watch other games until the USC game starts?
I really like the Black Cherry GTs from Red Wing. I have two leather jackets, one black and one a whole lot lighter than Black Cherry. How much of a problem is it to wear the boots with another shade of leather jacket? Also, I just bought some tan AEs, and don't really like belts that light in color. Is it better to wear a darker belt or no belt at all? Thanks
So are the weightlifting shoes with the solid heels only for squats? I was thinking of getting a pair, but not sure I'd bother if I want to take them off for deadlifts. Also, is there anything terrible about propping my heels up on a weight when I squat to get the correct angle? Flat footed, I feel like I'm going to topple over backward so end up leaning forward to compensate (and I know I don't want to do that). To answer OP, I wear Chuck Taylor Allstars.
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