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They fit really well, and I love the Dress Brown leather (always looks black in photos, but a really nice deep brown in person). So have to decide if I can get used to the way they look.
Just got off the phone with Baker's. They said the boots sound like they were made on the #461 last. Not sure if those still count as Bounty Hunters.
From above:
Here are two more shots On ebay, all the shots were from above so I couldn't really tell the toes are turned up.
I'm saying that I don't think just having someone wear boots that are too short would not be sufficient to get the toes to do that. If it were, I think it would be a known issue.
The more I think about it, the less likely I think it is that the toes turned up just by being worn by someone who's feet didn't fill the ends. I only think that's possible if they spent a great deal of time standing on their tiptoes. The arch support also feels less than in my Farmer Ranchers, which I believe also fits with the boots being Swing last. Of courrse, they could possibly just be more broken in.
Any way to get the toe not to point up?
I bought a pair of White's on ebay (85.D) described as "Bounty hunter in brown dress leather on a single leather sole", but they are clearly not on the Semi Dress last. They appear to be on the Swing last (pronounced upturned toes). I thought all Bounty Hunter's were on the Semi Dress last. Were they misdescribed?
Okay, at this point I have been told:1) Obenauf's LP2) Waxy polish3) You're screwed unless you get them refurbished4) You're screwed even if you get them refurbishedIf I try polish & LP, should I do the LP first then give it time to fade before trying the polish?Or should I use the polish first since the LP may keep the leather from fully soaking up polish?Or should I pick either polish or LP and only try one?
Have a pair of White's boots in smooth brown leather. The heel of one is scuffed as hell, but the heel of the other is not. Boots were very dry so I applied Obenauf's oil, but that had no effect on the scuffs. AnythingI can do to fix this scuff?
New Posts  All Forums: