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I was looking at a pair of steel toe Farmer Rancherso on ebay; but price has already jumped higher than I want to pay.
Is there a coupon code for the Linegear discount?
Any idea how much weight steel toes would add to a pair of Farmer Ranchers?
People say that it's terrible for shoes to wear them day after day without a break, so I thought I'd ask. Now I just need to decide which leather........
Got Hathorn Travelers from Amazon at 20% off,. convinced myself to keep them. Then tried on SD at Imogene and Willies again. Massive difference. The Hathorn are very nice, substantial boots; but the SD just feel like sex on my feet. Price is 50% higher, but if I'm going to spend close to 3bills on a pair of boots,, I'd prefer to spend the extra money and get the boots I just fucking LOVE. How bad is it for a pair of White's to be my every day shoe while I'm traveling...
Anyone know how the arch support on the Hathorn Traveler (for sale on Amazon) compares to that on the Semi Dress?
Anyone familiar with Drews Boots? It's a subsidiary of Bakers and they make boots very similar to Whites Smokejumper and Packer at about 3/4 the price. Not as many custom options, but significant savings if you want something standard.
First photo I've seen where the Dress Brown actually looks brown. Thanks
Anyone have pics of a Bounty Hunter (preferably standard heel/standard trim/natural edge) in either Brown Dress or Black Dress leathers?
I'd originally dismissed the brown dress leather because I'd decided to get the black dress leather and they look so similar in pics. If they don't (or if I don't get the black dress leather), then it's definitely an option. My basic look when traveling is either dark jeans or chinos with a button down and either a sport coat or a pea coat depending on weather. So I want something that would look good with those, is durable, and is comfortable as hell to walk in.
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