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I've been browsing online a bit, looking at lace-up boots, and I can't seem to find anything between the price range of Aldens/Trickers (around 500-600) and Lobbs, Crispins, etc. which are all well over 1000. Is there anything a little nice than those first two, but still under 1000? Also, is there a thread someplace with a big list of quality shoe/boot brands? Seems like something that one of you would have made a while ago, but my search returned nothing. Thanks.
You're right. The only thing that will be off center is the button. the center front lines on each piece of the jacket (the left and right front pieces) will each be pulled an equal amount in opposite directions and everything else will remain symmetrical. It might be a little weird looking, depending on how much you move the button, but if it looks fine to you, just do it. I doubt anybody will notice.
I have had my three pairs draping over a hanger in my closet for a while, and it's already messy and annoying. Just got two more pairs in the mail. Is there an easy/neat way to put them away?
While I agree with OP that being fit is just as important as clothing in how you look, I think he has missed something. For a lot of people, an interest in clothing is not entirely based on how you look to other people. A suit that is tailored to your form perfectly is an enjoyable thing, regardless of what exactly that form is, simply because we appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into well tailored garments. Creating a wardrobe and making outfits of it is not just a...
Thanks for the info guys. Now I want to work at Tom Ford.
I was in Tom Ford in Vegas a little while ago, trying on a suit that was way too expensive for me, and the sales associate I was talking to said it's the same one he wears. I didn't even bother looking at the price tag, but I know his suits at around 5k and up, and I think most places require you to wear their stuff if you work there. Even with something like a 50% discount, it seems unlikely that a new employee would spend $2000 dollars on a suit when he got the job. So...
Prince of Wales check
Dalton and Fifth Street boots look pretty cool.
Quote: Originally Posted by musososeki Well! I've thought it over for a few days, and you can all go fuck yourselves. You're outfit is pretty bad in my opinion, but the fact that you don't give a fuck what anybody thinks makes it a little better.
None of the photo links are working for me.
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