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I just received my brown Strand's. Look and feel great, easy to deal with seller.
This thread is so weird it is amazing. We have some advice to go buy a 36s off the rack, which seems to be a bit absurd because the OP is almost certainly not going to fit that. I wonder what his actual measurements are? And then at the other end of the spectrum we have a bunch of people suggesting the OP get a bespoke suit for what is presumably his first real job. It seems to me that off the rack is not going to work, but bespoke seems a bit much on his budget. I would...
Seriously? Wear whatever you like, its college.
Teddie I don't know why you think that a waiver of liability would extend in the circumstances to losing a suit/pants. I would think that it would be narrowly construed against the dry cleaners to merely waive liability if something happened in dry cleaning. For example, if they were destroyed, ripped, burned, or such things. I seriously doubt it extends beyond this, would you think that the waiver would extend to a situation where an employee stole the pants? How do we...
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It looks as if sizing down would make it too small in the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy The mosquitoe epidemic is about to make me snap. I take my dog out to piss - I get eaten alive I go through the Tim Horton's drive thru - I get eaten alive I get the mail - I'm eaten alive I'm in my house - I get eaten aliveFuck this shit. This makes me glad I am no longer an Edmontonian (doing my last year of school @ UBC ).
Quote: Originally Posted by Doc4 Forget what the other students were wearing ... what were the partners wearing? You are correct that most partners were wearing suits, but not all. I am not entirely sure that it is entirely correct to suggest that you need to dress the same way as a partner rather than to match/slightly exceed your colleagues formality.
Quote: Originally Posted by radiation I'm not sure I'd put a black suit into a top-5 starter wardrobe, and I definitely wouldn't list it first. I currently only own eight suits, but black is not on my radar at all. In that top five list, I'd add a gray pinstripe in place of the black, but that may just be because of my personal preferences. Thoughts? Yea, personally if it was my top-5 it'd be replaced with a navy sportcoat. Where do...
Quote: Originally Posted by Viktri No connections I don't know what his LSAT score, but his admittance was a shock to everyone. In fact, when he told us he applied, we all assumed it was a Hail Mary He's Canadian so he's not a true foreigner He is probably way way smarter than you are giving him credit for. Harvard law requires very high numbers without exceptions. Asians are not minorities in the law school admissions, they are...
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