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You are not referring to Worldwide House, where Jantzen tailor is located, are you?
What happenned to the shoes? Run over by a 16 ton truck?
Quote: Originally Posted by Homme Golden Century in Sydney. +1 for Golden Century. The seafood is first rate. At times, the queue outside the place is long enough to fit into another restaurant.
If I remember correctly, I saw some G&H branded shoes in the C&J factory store in Northhampton back in 2004. Could these be C&Js? It's a great way to get rid of the rejects.. Punch a hole in the wrong place? No worries. Just do it a few more times at random places and we'll brand it Gieves.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang It's referred to as skate for culinary purposes. Delicious indeed. Cannot agree with you more. The street stalls in Lau Pai Sat in Singapore serves a great barbecued stingray. Lots of bones, though...
Coomb's shoe repair at the Strand arcade seems to be fairly popular. They are an authorized repair location for RM Williams. I use them for simple repair jobs and they seem to do good work. Henry Bucks who carries C&J, Church's and others recommends the cobbler on top of Wynyard station (opposite the state transport offices, upstairs from Coles). Their name escapes me at the moment. I have had no direct experience with them. For more complicated work, especially...
How about the Bather's Pavillion? I have very fond memories of the degustation menu.. The location is great, too.
Not a single Chinese restaurant either... Totally flawed methodology. Rockpool is seriously overrated.
Had an interesting weekend roaming around Southern California looking for good deals. I couldn't find any except for Allen Edmonds. Desert Hills -Allen Edmonds had the sale on which is an additional 15% off all stock. Not bad. -Off 5th had a few David Chu "made in Turkey" shirts but in a nice fabric for $75. Suits were almost all Hugo Boss, begging someone to put them out of their misery. The Block at Orange -Off 5th had a quite a few Dunhill suits. One of...
Thank you all for the recommendations. I will report back on the stock levels etc after my trip today.
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