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kent, you are in Austin, go visit Charles at Enchante, he will talk your ear off, but passionate about shaving. http://www.enchanteonline.com/ best, dan
http://www.gassanetailors.com/ joseph is great, had him add functional buttons to a suit recently, $75. Be sure to indicate 'kissing' or normal. best, dan
Quote: Originally Posted by retronotmetro The 2x2 fabrics I remember seeing on tour stops are Holland & Sherry, Charles Clayton, Scabal, and Zegna. I think the H&S 120s was roughly $1200 for a suit last year. I forget the ratio of coat : pants prices that go into their suit prices, but figure a rough estimate of $750 and up for a coat made from the higher grade fabrics. I inquired about prices using H&S when recently setting an...
new obsession, shirt and suit look great, congrats! couple of questions for you or luk-cha or anyone else; do they offer quarter lined or half lined jackets? how were the fabric choices? any English or Italian mills? seems a great deal, i am planning to get to hong kong sooner rather than later. best, dan
[/quote]Thanks - pretty pricey for MTM Panzer [quote] sure. i called the shop and asked a few questions, they were pretty helpful and more than willing to talk.
this should give you an idea of the cost of the varying fabrics for basic oxxfords. http://www.directclothiers.com/default....word=ww
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