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I posted this elsewhere but this is a site the Met Opera put up where they have a team that photos opera-goers they think are stylish/interesting. I think the people here look great - others think they're committing all kinds of fashion crimes. http://lastnightatthemet.com/ You've already put in way more thought than you need and will most likely be one of the better dressed people there no matter what you do. One rarely has a chance to really dress up for anything and...
The Met opera has a team that photographs stylish theater-goers. This site shows their photos: http://lastnightatthemet.com/ It's rather fun I thought. Also answers the occasional SF question, "What should I wear to the opera?"
I wasn't too sure about the use of cap-toe shoes. I have a pair similar in style to the John Lobb Philip II ones that Feline pointed out. I'll polish those up for this event. The shipton ones look great. They may be in my future. I've entered my email so perhaps a discount will be coming. Thanks TimelessStyle's for pointing out the Barney's Warehouse sale. I didn't know it was going on. The savings I made by not buying a new pair of shoes evaporated into a flurry of ties...
Thanks for the input. BackInTheJox, glad you like the Carlyle. Fred, I'd never heard of Shipton. Thanks for the tip. I may give both a short and then return one.
Hey, Have a party coming up and need new tuxedo shoes. Any experience with the Florsheim Kingstons? Do they come across as cheap? http://www.amazon.com/Florsheim-Mens-Kingston-Tuxedo-Oxford/dp/B003CN6D62 AE Carlyle Plain-toe oxfords I'm thinking of as an alternative. AE has a sale going on which would make this $279.00 http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF8830_1_40000000001_-1?style=8836 Any other tuxedo shoe suggestions? I have big wide feet (13W, E or EEE)...
The three Armani collezioni sports coats I own all have a white tag which also says "Made in Italy". Maybe try calling an Armani store to see if they also come in gray.
Currently being sold on gilt. Couldn't find anything about it through a web search. The "At a Glance" blurb is somewhat hilarious in that it describes a bunch about the area that the clothing was named for, but nothing about the origin of the clothing itself: "The moors of England, which the Dartmoor brand is named for, are notoriously damp and frozen, requiring the kind of knitwear that could practically stand up to a firing squad. But they're inextricable from English...
I ordered one the first day it went on sale. Got it Friday of the same week. Ironically, ordered successfully with Internet Explorer 8. Another window with Chrome kept on getting the same trouble everybody else has had. The non-4G/LTE is not a big factor for me as I'm using the t-mobile $30/month unlimited data plan. T-mobile doesn't have real 4g anyways, instead they use "HSPA 42+" which they market as being 4G. It's a nice phone.
Not a bad clip. But I think for the typical American, spezzato can go very, very wrong.
I don't think they are. I've seen quite a few worn in person and have not been impressed. For the money being charged, they should give a stronger feeling of quality. I'm not sure what other options are available but even at a substantial discount I wouldn't wear belstaff. They also can have obtrusive branding which I've thought is distasteful.
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