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Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah The naked man always works. When she goes to the bathroom take off all your clothes. When she comes out and see your naked body she'll get the message. I like this. Always works.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sixth_Sense Hey Guys, I'm graduating in May, and I'm starting to give serious consideration as to my professional attire, when I begin work in July 2009 as an investment banking analyst in NYC, so it is time to upgrade my wardrobe from my summer analyst days. Priority now should be whether the IB is able to pay you. Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade Brooks is fine, and they have... New round of price cuts hits the High Street as M&S slashes cost of suit to just £24 By Sean Poulter Last updated at 11:37 PM on 17th July 2008 * commentsComments (0) * Add to My Stories Add to My Stories Marks & Spencer cut the price of selected men's suits to only £24 yesterday. Giving notice of a summer price war, it also reduced some summer dresses to £9 and T-shirts to £2. At the...
I used to think that I was the only boring one around, choosing only white, blue, & pink only, when there are tons of options around.
Quote: Originally Posted by Serg In any somewhat modern car the chip cuts gas at the limit. it can still pass (briefly) but it will not pass the limit but not by much. +1. There is a rev cut, impossible to hold in red for long.
Quote: Originally Posted by ikemen i'm wondering how much/many sales they're going to get considering the pathetic sensibility of style among singaporeans... You are screwing with the wrong crowd.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Whatever dude. One thing I know, I don't want to peruse an airline with rude, old, and ugly air hostesses. Which goes for all "free" American airlines. Singapore Air is the best. Cathay Pacific is reasonably well too.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T Actually Singapore being Singapore, you will find that they are quasi-govt owned, but very much left to their own devices to make money. Very little propping up is tolerated there, and Singapore is not big on safety nets. +1.
You cant get anything decent there, Sydney would be much better.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter you'll love this story. I once hired a guy who had studied jazz music, and been a pro musician for a few years, before getting into sales. the position was sales manager for western europe. anyway, we are on a trip in london, we get to heathrow to fly out, and while we are waiting for the flight, he opens his case and takes out a trumpet, leaves the case open and starts to play. I ask him what he is doing,...
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