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dress shirts went up 5 dollars.
^that is how I feel. just wanted to know how uniqlo's dress shirts will hold up after some use.i got a 20 dollar code just now.
are uniqlo dress shirts worth the money? or should i look else where? recommendations?
ALL SOLD. ALL GONE. I have 6 pairs of Alpha Khakis for sale. Olive Moss, Black, British Khaki, Midnight Navy, Hurricane (Dark Gray), Smoky Aqua BIN for one pair is 25 (includes shipping and fees) Buy them all 6 for 100! PM me with questions and offers.
is uniqlo x nbhd really happening? and, damn that lucky cat MB polo is sold out. dont want to wait for that restock lol
if you are 5'10, I recommend getting a M.
All for sale. PM questions. Uniqlo Slim Fit Chinos. Every pair is 30x34. Maroon from last season. Just took the tags off. 40 shipped. Olive, Navy and Beige are SOLD
who are these resellers? Im only aware of the ones on ebay.Im still looking for the olive slim fit chinos in a size 30 from last season. Anyone got em?Or if anyone wants to proxy them from the china website for me? lol
there was a lot of heat tech stuff in SF when i was there over break. but i wasnt able to find the monster hunter or regular camo ones in any sizes other than XL. i wanted to pick up some camo stuff in M but no luck. now im hoping for an online restock
Looking for the slim fit chinos from last season in olive and 30x34 DS preferred. PM me! If someone sees them in stores, I will pay for a proxy! Let me know
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