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PM sent.
Was wondering if you could post measurements on the width (...height? you know what I mean) of the bowties. Specifically interested in #8.
...any word on BB4?
PM sent.
Do you know who makes the boots? Whether they run TTS or large?
Bless you for ordering 38Ls. Hip hip, huzzah!
Quote: And I see what you guys are saying, and I can put the colors together well, but I need to know the names of some types of clothing that I can wear a bowtie with, like the cardigan thing was useful a whole ensemble appeared in my head just from that, I dont need detailed "wear grey cardigan, with faded jeans ect..." WAYWRN and other pictorial inspiration is your friend. But really, put your blast-shield down and use the steez. You'll figure out...
With maximum swagger. I like to dress the rest down so it's apparent that it's "fun" day- OCBD, jeans, cardigan, sport coat or more casual outerwear. Get your fits right to avoid looking like a dweeb.
Very nice 36R/S HSM Gold Trumpeter SC in my FS thread. I abbrev to save time.
Added Nordstrom house brand charcoal wool pants. A staple!
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