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Allen Edmonds McAllister in 10E. Owned for about a year, but worn a max of two dozen times. Very good condition, commensurate with amount of use.SOLD!
Rivet Chino in British Khaki, size 31. You know the drill. Lightly used for about three months - never worn more than once or twice a pair. Good condition. Asking $90 now $80 shipped. Sold!
Interested in buying Epaulet Rudys - looking to load up on staples. Interested in cotton or wool. Have a pair of lightly worn Rivet Chinos in 31 if you're interested in a partial trade. Turns out they're a bit tight for my style. Make me some offers! Similar fitting trou also considered.
If you ever decide to do this again, I'd certainly be in.
They do not. This place is quite the wasteland.R. Bryant has some nice stuff though, if only they stocked a single item in my size. I count the 4+" grenadines in that category.
What about measurements for thigh and leg opening? Thanks.
PM sent.
PM sent.
Width on the ties?
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