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I mean buying it in person. The production happens in Seattle, but I've never seen nor heard of the products being sold here physically and I was wondering if someone could help me learn more about that.
Okay, so I live in Seattle.. is there any way for me to just buy these things directly from the production spot? Or is there any place in Seattle that sells the stuff? Thanks
Do you guys prefer the blue tab PBJ's or the leaf-stitched PBJ's?
Hey, so I own two pairs of low rise denim in size 28 and they fit just right ( My actual measured waist is 29), how do the twill chino pants fit in comparison? Should I get a size 30 rather than a 28 and will they stretch? Thanks! also, i know this isn't the right thread, but while I'm here, would it be better for me to get a size 28 or size 30 in the RL Rugby straight relaxed chinos? (sz. 29 is not available for either pair of pants)
Final price drop!!! $85 shipped!!!
price drop!
price drop!
I have a pair of Natural Indigo Slub Selvage Left Field Jeans size 26 (the waist measure 14" across so they fit more like a 27-28) Here's a link to the thread: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...01#post4163801 I'm looking to sell or trade (check the thread if you want more details) Thanks! (pm me ) $125 -> $110 -> $100 -> $85 shipped: final price drop
-Located in Seattle -Paypal only (gift or +4%) -Payment first! -No returns *will trade for Crescent Down Works Italian vest size xsmall or for a TE fightstick (360) For sale Left Field Jeans - Natural Indigo Slub Selvage - Size 26. Worn about 10x - still in superb condition with minimal creases and little to no fading. I would love to keep them, but they are just a bit too small. (they are these ones:...
hey, so i'm 5'6" 120 pounds (not an adult yet ) i was wondering how an xxs north by northwest vest would fit on me? should i go for a different size or would xxs work? thanks!
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