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Planning on no tie / open collar. I do kind of agree that patterned pants tend to look somewhat tacky, but was considering a very subtle pattern, maybe something like These grey houndstooth ones or these light brown sharkskins.I think I'll aim for a simple checked shirt, maybe navy+red?
Headed to Vegas for a conference for work. I've always been really conservative about what I wear, but my industry isn't really that formal. Thoughts about going with a slightly more casual look, but still with a blazer? I own a navy blazer and light gray wool trousers, but obviously pairing this with a white or light blue shirt is kind of a boring standard. Go with a subtly patterned pants? Non-solid dress shirt? Other ideas to look a little less boring but still...
Hi guys, I'm struggling with a fit on a dress shirt before I put in some more custom orders. Concerns: - Main concern: The waist area bunching. I'm still getting a lot of bunching, but only have maybe 1-2" of slack in the waist. Would you take in the waist more? I feel that because I'm skinny, if I slim the waist more, my upper body looks very short/small going into a pair of mid-raise dress trousers. - Overall look: I feel like my upper torso looks tiny compared to...
These guys look perfect. Would you go with their classic or modern semi-spread? I'm a thinner guy and generally wear 3" ties and rather slim jackets (38)
Hi all, A new company I've joined very much goes by the blazer/suit + no tie look. I'm looking for dress shirt recommendations that meet the following: 1. A good collar that doesn't flop around/fold up/etc 2. A button layout where I can leave the shirt unbuttoned, and not show a ton of skin, or look too uptight 3. Finally, thoughts on collar choice for this? Point vs. semi-spread vs. button-down? For whatever reason I haven't previously really liked button-down...
Is there any information on the main difference between the classico and classico II models? I'm interested in picking up a pair of wool trousers. For comparison, I have a very early model of the Benjamin Lucente suit. The pants from that suit have great fit in the legs, but the seat is very tight. (Which is kind of crazy, because I have very skinny thighs and no butt). Go with the classico or classico ii trousers?
Regarding country of origin for the new jackets, I've seen Ashby's with all different countries listed: 1. Vietnam 2. England 3. Not listed
Hi all, I'm looking for a warm winter crewneck sweater that meets the following criteria: 1. Heavier weight/chunky feel 2. Want a non-itchy fabric, but would prefer something like merino wool for durability (though I'm aware this is usually thinner) 3. Crewneck since this is for casual wear 4. Short-ish sleeves! I fit around a 32" dress shirt sleeve, and am annoyed that nearly all sweaters tend to have 34" sleeves which I have to roll up Any suggestions? Maybe...
Does anyone else hate the flashy gold color on the Bedale? I'm seriously considering asking them to replace it with the darker colored version from the Ashby. (I actually also prefer the slightly smaller collar on the Ashby). While I could buy an Ashby instead in medium, the sleeves and body are too long for me, so I'm kind of stuck. Would it be crazy to swap the zipper?
Thoughts on dress shirt colors or patterns to match with navy suits? Don't like too much "blue on blue", so tend to avoid solid light blue shirts or blue striped shirts with suits like this. Maybe a check pattern instead?
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