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Is the rustic brown color really rare? I see it on the Barbour website, but it's never an option at online retailers, and rarely pops up on ebay/classifieds/etc unless it's really old. I really like that color over Sage but am not willing to spend full retail on it! Would love to find an affordable Bedale in rustic brown (new on sale, or used)
The Barbour Ashby in small proved just a little too snug for me. I'm normally a slim 38 in suit jackets. I'm 5'9, 160lbs. Roughly 37-38" chest. What size/jacket would you go to as an alternative? Ashby Medium Bedale 36 Bedale 38 Other... (Beaufort is probably too long since i'm only 5'9)
Roughly what year was this jacket purchased?
Brand new, in box with shoe bags. Allen Edmonds McAllister Color: Walnut Size: 9D (if you've never worn Allen Edmonds, they tend to run slightly long and narrow) Condition: Brand new, never worn. Sole and heel taps were added (as seen in the picture with the soles). These are factory firsts. I bought these, but realized the heel slips quite a bit, so I'm going to try a different size or brand. Retail is $385 + tax = about $410. Yours for $300 Shipping will probably be...
How does the prestige of an EMBA compare to a regular full time or part time MBA? No difference really, or is it slightly looked down upon?
Anyone know how difficult it would be to get into a top part-time MBA program (kellogg, chicago, nyu stern) with a poor GPA but good GMAT? I'm turning 35 soon. Graduated from a good school with an engineering degree, but a terrible 2.8 GPA. I've always tested well, and imagine I could hit 700ish on the GMAT as needed. Background is a little non traditional - software product management and internet marketing. Not the typical banker/etc. Do I have any chance at...
Hi all, I'm at a point in my career where I'm a bit of a middle-manager, but feel I am lacking heavily on the business strategy and research side of things. (I've been much more on the software product/development side of things and more in the weeds). I have no masters degree, or an MBA in particular. What I'd like to achieve is learning some of the recommended business frameworks or strategies so I can feel more competent when discussing the landscape of the market,...
Hi all, I tend to wear down the outer edges of my shoes VERY quickly, and have been using the plastic heel plates on the outside edges to prevent this. However, I can't stand them. (1) They make a lot of noise, and (2) I find them really slippery for the break-in period, and have actually fallen a few times. It's especially bad on smooth tiling and laminate flooring. Does anyone know if a rubber equivalent exists? Or other suggetions? I ran across this picture on a...
Hi all, I'm looking for any of the following Barbour jackets in size small or 36: - Barbour Ashby, small - Barbour Bedale, size 36 - Barbour Sapper, size small If you have one reach out and we can work on a deal! Offering $150, but it depends on condition from used -> new.
5'9, 160lbs, roughly 38" chest. (Normally wear a very slim 38 short jacket, though some of the looser fitting 36 jackets work on me). Which model do you think would work best? These all seem sized very large, and both the bedale/beaufort seem like I'd need to definitely size down to a 36, and possibly even a 34! How much slimmer is that new Ashby model? The guy from above made it sound like a 36 would work, but I'm not sure.
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