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Regarding country of origin for the new jackets, I've seen Ashby's with all different countries listed: 1. Vietnam 2. England 3. Not listed
Hi all, I'm looking for a warm winter crewneck sweater that meets the following criteria: 1. Heavier weight/chunky feel 2. Want a non-itchy fabric, but would prefer something like merino wool for durability (though I'm aware this is usually thinner) 3. Crewneck since this is for casual wear 4. Short-ish sleeves! I fit around a 32" dress shirt sleeve, and am annoyed that nearly all sweaters tend to have 34" sleeves which I have to roll up Any suggestions? Maybe...
Does anyone else hate the flashy gold color on the Bedale? I'm seriously considering asking them to replace it with the darker colored version from the Ashby. (I actually also prefer the slightly smaller collar on the Ashby). While I could buy an Ashby instead in medium, the sleeves and body are too long for me, so I'm kind of stuck. Would it be crazy to swap the zipper?
Thoughts on dress shirt colors or patterns to match with navy suits? Don't like too much "blue on blue", so tend to avoid solid light blue shirts or blue striped shirts with suits like this. Maybe a check pattern instead?
Isn't tailoring from the shoulder always really expensive though? Like $80-$100? Seems like a waste on a jacket that I plan to buy for around the same price.
Hi all, I'm a bit frustrated on sizing for jackets. I tend to fall between a small and medium (5'9/160lbs/38" chest). While I can usually size up and layer with a medium jacket, the main problem is the sleeves. I need a 32-33" sleeve, but almost every medium out there is a 34-35" sleeve which makes me look like I'm wearing my dad's jacket. With some jackets, they can be tailored for $50-$60, but my main question is: Can quilted jackets have the sleeves shortened? Some...
Is the rustic brown color really rare? I see it on the Barbour website, but it's never an option at online retailers, and rarely pops up on ebay/classifieds/etc unless it's really old. I really like that color over Sage but am not willing to spend full retail on it! Would love to find an affordable Bedale in rustic brown (new on sale, or used)
The Barbour Ashby in small proved just a little too snug for me. I'm normally a slim 38 in suit jackets. I'm 5'9, 160lbs. Roughly 37-38" chest. What size/jacket would you go to as an alternative? Ashby Medium Bedale 36 Bedale 38 Other... (Beaufort is probably too long since i'm only 5'9)
Roughly what year was this jacket purchased?
Brand new, in box with shoe bags. Allen Edmonds McAllister Color: Walnut Size: 9D (if you've never worn Allen Edmonds, they tend to run slightly long and narrow) Condition: Brand new, never worn. Sole and heel taps were added (as seen in the picture with the soles). These are factory firsts. I bought these, but realized the heel slips quite a bit, so I'm going to try a different size or brand. Retail is $385 + tax = about $410. Yours for $300 Shipping will probably be...
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