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Thank you! I just called them and told about the wrong address, and they were prompt in taking care of that. I appreciate your input.
After purchasing a jacket from UK (I am living in the US), accidentally I clicked approval button while my paypal account still has my old address. Instantly I have send them an e-mail requesting address change to NEW address, but what do I need to do any further? Anyone had similar experience to me? Am I going to lose my money and lose my jacket as well?
Good catch md2010. I thought those are shell cordovan in the first sight, but with careful observation I agree that is not shell. The left shoe in the first picture shows fine creases too.
Very impressive ties and story. I also have lived in Borough Park of B'klyn for a while. Miss those days. I don't have a fancy job that requires tie every day, but it will be great to wear on special occasions!
I lost my iphone a while ago, and have been using 3Gs. Obviously giving me a lot of issues, and I want to get a 4Gs to replace my old 3Gs. I am living in the US, and using AT&T as career. Any suggestion or guidance is also welcomed! Thank you.
Hermes red tie with white circlular dots. 3.5 inches width. Silk 100%. Great quality. $80 $ 60 Shipped CONUS. Brioni Dark green with red and golden stripe. 4 inches. Silk 100%. Also great quality. $40 $30 Shipped CONUS. Nina Ricci Blue with green and white squares. 3.75 inches. One small pull found on the back. $10 Shipped CONUS. Reason for selling: I do not wear ties much in these days. They were sitting in my drawer for about 6 months now. If Anyone would buy all...
I bought a Brunello Cucinelli navy cashmere (mine was a single-breasted) from this seller. Very reliable. (Though I didn't get the dust cover in that picture - which looks gorgeous!!!)
Price drop!
GUESS - Barrington Boots Like New Condition - US 8.5 PRICE $90 $80 $70 including CONUS. I bought it from Macy’s of New York City at a price of $140. I usually wear 9.0 for sneakers and 8.5 for dress shoes, and this 8.5 fitted me well. (So it’s true to size) Condition: Like New (I wore once at home and out in apartment yard after buying) Reason for Selling: Soon after I got one dark brown and other color boots as gifts, and I ended up not wearing these...
Up for my first sale in styleforum is a pair of boots - Barrington Boots from Guess *Price $95- drop to $85 - now at $75 down to $65, including shipping to CONUS!!!! I bought it from Macy's of New York City, at a price of $140. The look of the boots was exactly what I was looking for, and I didn't spend too much time to pick these up from tons of selections. I usually wear 9.5 for sneakers and 8.5-9 for lace-up shoes, and this 8.5 fitted to me well. And these are very...
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