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Up on sale is a great pair of fall-winter boots, made by Crockett and Jones for Brooks Brothers. Size 9.5D. Bought about a year ago from Styleforum. TRUE 9.5D Pebble with very minimal scratch if any. (I couldn't find noticeable scratch) My boots size (I usually wear sneakers) was different from sneakers size, and I found mine to be actually 8.5 instead of 9.5. Thus selling these. Sole was reinforced and meticulous care was taken by previous owner. International...
Thank you! I just called them and told about the wrong address, and they were prompt in taking care of that. I appreciate your input.
After purchasing a jacket from UK (I am living in the US), accidentally I clicked approval button while my paypal account still has my old address. Instantly I have send them an e-mail requesting address change to NEW address, but what do I need to do any further? Anyone had similar experience to me? Am I going to lose my money and lose my jacket as well?
Good catch md2010. I thought those are shell cordovan in the first sight, but with careful observation I agree that is not shell. The left shoe in the first picture shows fine creases too.
Very impressive ties and story. I also have lived in Borough Park of B'klyn for a while. Miss those days. I don't have a fancy job that requires tie every day, but it will be great to wear on special occasions!
I lost my iphone a while ago, and have been using 3Gs. Obviously giving me a lot of issues, and I want to get a 4Gs to replace my old 3Gs. I am living in the US, and using AT&T as career. Any suggestion or guidance is also welcomed! Thank you.
Hermes red tie with white circlular dots. 3.5 inches width. Silk 100%. Great quality. $80 $ 60 Shipped CONUS. Brioni Dark green with red and golden stripe. 4 inches. Silk 100%. Also great quality. $40 $30 Shipped CONUS. Nina Ricci Blue with green and white squares. 3.75 inches. One small pull found on the back. $10 Shipped CONUS. Reason for selling: I do not wear ties much in these days. They were sitting in my drawer for about 6 months now. If Anyone would buy all...
I bought a Brunello Cucinelli navy cashmere (mine was a single-breasted) from this seller. Very reliable. (Though I didn't get the dust cover in that picture - which looks gorgeous!!!)
Price drop!
GUESS - Barrington Boots Like New Condition - US 8.5 PRICE $90 $80 $70 including CONUS. I bought it from Macy’s of New York City at a price of $140. I usually wear 9.0 for sneakers and 8.5 for dress shoes, and this 8.5 fitted me well. (So it’s true to size) Condition: Like New (I wore once at home and out in apartment yard after buying) Reason for Selling: Soon after I got one dark brown and other color boots as gifts, and I ended up not wearing these...
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