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haha, acid u asked the right question. zee is the same as mayer. they are just different store fronts of the same workroom in tst.
I am also based in HK and I own three Koo Woo pairs in my life. I am not happy with those shoes. Yes the default construction is GY welted, the cheap one meaning you can see the stitches on rim of the outsole, each of the upper and the sole is stitched to a welt instead of to each other. And yes, without cork filling. (I guess you can insist they use a cork insole because afterall cork is not expensive. ) Well the leather they use is mostly cheap, corrected grain or...
Trust me. I'd used Koo How twice and am not happy with them for the price they charge. They use corrected grain leather and do not know anything about raised arch. The leather they use for the sole wears out more quickly than other RTW shoes that I have. Duck, can you tell if the leather used in your wholecuts are full grain or corrected grain?
Forget that if you are of a small-to-medium built like me and want to buy tailored clothing there. The selection is simply very, very limited. They don't even stock a lot of size 38 suits and suit jackets when the season started. Where in Hong Kong you'll find a big market for their size 42 suits? No way. The merchandiser for RL in Hong Kong is a moron.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cantabrigian I've also wondered why that is. It seems as though softness - even in the sleeves - is hard for mid-priced tailors/makers to copy and I don't know why that is. Your tailor simply uses a single grade of camel hair canvas for suits for all seasons. There are different grades of camel hair canvas of different thickness and texture for different seasons.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee ...I don't think the style quotient is there to do something more interesting... Well said...we all know it is there and is essential for making of good bespoke clothing. But how do we measure it?
I had a similar nightmare in June this year. I purchased a pair of shoes. They were never delivered. I filed a complaint via Paypal. The seller then unregistered himself as a ebay member. Paypal says they cannot proceed further. What can I do? Should I call my credit card company? It seems it's already too late to do this.
I know you might disagree. I like Ralph Lauren himself in his Chester Barrie-made Purple Label suits. Very elegant. Very confident. Have you seen Giorgio Armani in his own suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter Well... it is only water resistant to 25m. Surely, that can't be enough for your needs. Don't tell me you are still water resistant at that depth!!
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