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There's 25% off right now on the Magnanni's posted above. Comes out to $225. Pretty good deal!
I guess I'll go for the Meermin. Only thing is they are out of stock right now. They're receiving new stock in 30 days. They'll have a lighter brown suede too. Might be worth they wait... althought right now is the perfect season for brown suede shoes. 30 days from now, plus 1 week for shipping and we won't be far from having snow aroud here.
Price range is under $250. I saw the Meermin yesterday but didn't find anywhere to order. I just sent an email. I have a feeling shipping will be a b*tch. The C&J Lowndes do seem like a great shoe, but completely out of my budget :/Thanks, but those Calvin Klein don't look very good. I might as well wait and save up for something nicer.I actually don't know any details about the shoes in the pic unfortunately.
I know this has been discussed before, but where can I find a pair of brown suede double monks for less than $250? I've checked most obvious online retailers (Neiman Marcus, Last Call, Saks, Macy's, Bluefly, etc...) but didn't find anything in that price range. Any deals on right now anywhere? And a picture to illustrate:
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Forget Winkelmann, the Aventador is the hot shit right there. Except there is no Aventador in that picture
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del That shirt collar doesn't suit him at all ... maybe it's the fact that he's using his hand to make his penis look bigger, or is he touching his testicles, hence the smirk?
Just came back from a trip to Miami. Obviously I went to visit a cigar factory in Little Havana. I went to El Credito, where they roll some La Gloria Cubana. I purchased a box of Glorias, hand-rolled right there in the Miami factory. I haven't had a chance to smoke one yet, and I don't know much about them. What is your opinion of the LGC Glorias?
Quote: Originally Posted by mickey711 For some reason when I look at that picture, this is what i see:
Piloti's are nice. With the sole extending on the side on the right foot, it helps for heel-and-toe. Not sure what is the advantage of loafers over laces or strap shoes for driving
Maybe you guys can help. I saw a duffel bag at Gucci outlets. Probably an older collection because I can't find it on Gucci's website. From what I recall it's a medium duffel bag, navy with big white stripes near the handles, in a nylon fabric. Very retro style. It was around $700 or $800. Please, help me find a picture! TIA EDIT: Looked similar to this one, but without red or green, a bit larger, and the navy was darker. Maybe a touch of tan, I don't remember.
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