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Please answer your PMs. I've messaged you quite a few times regarding a particular bow tie, and I haven't heard back from you since.
Search continues...
Still looking...
Looking to buy black tom ford bow tie, preferably puffy and thick, something similar or close to this: Time is of the essence so I'm willing to pay accordingly.
As the thread title reads, I would like to buy a pair of dark brown double monk (gold buckles preferred) dress shoes in size 9. Brand doesn't really matter, although Ralph Lauren is preferred. Shoe can be BNWT or worn in, I'm just mostly interested in the QUALITY of the construction. That means Made in Italy or England. Thanks for checking out my post Some eye candy:
This is probably a HUUUGE shot in the dark, but I am looking to purchase this Ralph Lauren polo tie that was worn by Michael Kenneth Williams in the October issue of GQ.
Still looking to buy, but now with a bit more urgency. Charcoal/Gray Ralph Lauren Black Label is preferred.
thanks for all your replies!!!
Hello everyone! Longtime reader, first time poster. I'm interested in purchasing a medium gray/ charcoal 2 button suit in size 38S or 38R. I'm a fan of the modern cuts, so RLBL is preferred. Pinstripes would be icing on the cake. Here are some examples of what I'm looking for: Thanks for checking out my ad!
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