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your best bet is contacting the people with the rights to this photo and annoying them. I have to do that sometimes when i see a picture of clothing i want but no name or store to buy it in.
If you want to get a ncie linen jacket i suggest you wait till next season. But if its a must befoer the season ends go with a light colored one (not white) so you can wear it in the month of september depending on the weather.
shows how much of a fan you are ... heres your answer
I would wear those with a nice navy pair, olive, or cream colored pants. Then just pair it right with a shirt a tie that compliments the pant color and shoes.
depending ont the season I would wearing either a light khaki color pants or black. If you are going to wear ti with jeans wear dark denim instead of light and like ^^^^^ he said, white shirt goes with anything.
I just wanted to add my 2 cents about DP shoes. I just recently bought a beautiful pair of DP loafers in a two tone tan/brown color. They look amazing, but when buying them I ran into something very strange. I normally wear a size 10/10.5 in dress shoes and I had to buy a size 9. This has never happened to me before, EVER! I bought the black box brand of the DP's which are said to be his higher end ones. But i was checking out a pair of his shoes that come in the...
NO, to your thread question. Read my blog post on how your suit jacket should fit properly. Its in my signature... good day sir
Didnt release the winter stuff we released the fall stuff ... Well let me correct myself, we released fall attire with winter jackets. such items as winter boots, gloves, hates, scarves, and other winter items have not been released. just the jackets as of now and pertaining to this post. thanks for finding my error
Mall of America, the biggest mall in the country.
anywhere with good quality cashmere scarves or wool ones and for a good price... check out the district in nyc for good priced scarves, esp now before they become high in demand and cant find the style and color you want.
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