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Darn, the pics from the first post aren't working anymore. Is there any alternative collection of such photos in one place in this forum? (No, Google isn't it).
Thanks for taking the time to write that reply OxxfordSJLINY. For some reason, I thought ash blonde and dirty blonde are different hair colors - since I wasn't sure between the two which one I have (since in the summer in different lighting it does look a bit more golden), I guess that's one thing less I need to worry about. The colors listed there should prove a good starting point for myself in what to try and see how it fits or not, now I just need to see what those...
Hi! I've been lurking for a long time on this forum and more recently I have started to pay more attention to polishing one's image and trying bits and pieces as well as educating myself. "Color for Men" is amongst the books I'm looking at now and am I'm finding it hard to determine what season I'm in even after looking at many other resources. (click to see high-res) I have troubles assessing my hair color/skin undertones/eye color, and it doesn't help that I get...
New Posts  All Forums: