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Just saw the picture on GQ for the new mens store in NYC. Might stop by this weekend and see what they have.
Hopefully picking up a Schott slim fit peacoat ... Any reviews on it?
Does the fact that you do or don't get a coupon based on if you have a J.Crew card? Or possibly have something to do with where you live?
Quote: Originally Posted by Suave my catalog only had mean's as well Yup, same with mine.
Really wanting this cardigan. Anyone have it? http://images.jcrew.com/erez4/erez?s...if&tmp=prdDtIm http://images.jcrew.com/erez4/erez?s...if&tmp=prdDtIm
Quote: Originally Posted by alastiar what do you guys think of this Peacoat? am not sure abt the Unlined What Peacoat is that?
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