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Quote: Originally Posted by mdeep1 Could someone explain what the hell J. Crew factory is? Its stuff they carry at the outlet stores.
Ill be surprised if the Heller stuff goes on sale. They supposedly only have one of each size and then that it.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Your tailor, if he's good, can add darts to the back and shorten the length. Also what's with the new return policy? I'm intrigued... Looks like the new return policy is in store purchases can only be returned within 30 days. So far looks like online purchases can still be returned within 60 days. I really hope they dont change that. They decided to ship me one size jacket while the other is scheduled to...
Quote: Originally Posted by fueledbynewjersey Wait tell you hear about there new return policy starting tomorrow. You'll love them even more <33 /sarcasm Oh fuuuuucccc. What is it? They better honor returns with purchases made before the policy change. I ordered 2 ludlow suit jackets to compare sizes and I'll be damned if they don't take one back!
Heads up to anyone using the student / teacher discount online. They dont offer the 15% off anymore online starting September 12th, only full price instore items can be bought with the discount now. F YOU J Crew!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jhcam8 Why not - what size? They are size 9E. I'm a 9D but they fit well. I really need something less casual I can use for work. I should have just got some wingtips like I originally wanted.
Ralph Lauren Double monk straps. Not exactly the most casual but for some it is.
Ralph Lauren Double Monks .... Not sure If I'm going to keep them.
Got to agree.. first.
Just got an email from them saying if you open up a J.Crew card you can save 20% on your first purchase, plus $25 everytime you spend over $500. It used to only be a savings of 10% IIRC. Bought a Ludlow suit that hasn't shipped yet so probably going to get a card and apply it to the purchase. wont use it for anything else but J.Crew stuff anyway..
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