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In store for me. And I agree with needing more colors. Also in wool would be nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gagno905 Dude's right. These are sliiiiim, cheap and fit the bill perfectly. x3? I just got a pair and really like them.
I'm having the hardest time finding windowpanes navy trousers. Not really looking for a suite, although I would really love one eventually. Anyone have any ideas on where go get off the rack trousers in a similar pattern to the one pictures below? Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz I wouldn't go bolder than this: but up to this point, go for it!
Does anyone know of OTR trousers in this fabric?$
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow I'd assume those were pants from a suit, although it might not be true. In any case, you can try any MTM place (like and they will be able to make you pants out of any fabric you choose. I was hoping to avoid MTM due to prices but even so, I went on Modern Tailor and they didnt have the fabric. Ill keep looking around though. I sware I have seen the pants before but just cant remember where....
I saw these really nice navy large check/windowpane pants. The check was a little bit lighter than the color of the trouser itself, and almost unnoticeable. The checks where quite large. Anyone have any idea who might sell similair pants. Ive looked for pictures but cant find anything.
Voted left.
wrong post. sorry
When going through the slide show, that suit really stood out to me. I really like it. Anyway to identify it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido Clash.. On my way to do 9 international flights in 18 days.. & some mild camera porn 1st stop - checking the hood.. All good.. Great look. Especially like the trunk and the Leica
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