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Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Looks like an uglier, slightly less stylish LabelKing! I thought of LabelKing when I saw the picture too.
Quote: Originally Posted by cez i bought the wool one and i really regret not forking over the extra money for thinsulate. i could have bought a wool blanket and been warmer in it. the quality is also not what I would expect,especially for the amount I paid, the pockets began tearing only after a year of wear. less than that actually since i only wore it during the winter. The first one i got for Christmas I believe was used and returned...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Anyone have the Mayfair wool herringbone topcoat? How is it? I have been trying to find an overcoat for a while and am considering it. Mine came in yesterday. I really like it. I'm no expert on quality but it fits me well. Also pretty warm with the Thinsulate.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum In EU sizes they do, I have a pair which are European size 44 which is the equivalent to 28. Oh, good to know. Ill be keeping my eyes pealed for some EU 44's then.
Right handed, left wrist. Used to when I was younger wear it on the right..but stopped for some reason.
Really like the coat SOS. And are there glass pieces in between where you are walking..or do you have to step over the gaps. Just wondering.
Does Mabitex even offer 28 or 29" waists. Smallest I've seen is 30...?
In store for me. And I agree with needing more colors. Also in wool would be nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gagno905 Dude's right. These are sliiiiim, cheap and fit the bill perfectly. x3? I just got a pair and really like them.
I'm having the hardest time finding windowpanes navy trousers. Not really looking for a suite, although I would really love one eventually. Anyone have any ideas on where go get off the rack trousers in a similar pattern to the one pictures below? Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz I wouldn't go bolder than this: but up to this point, go for it!
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