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J. Crew is now offering flat rate shipping at $8.95
Just ordered the "Refined Slim fit Chino" in the plum grape color and a leather bracelet for my girl since I wanted to use the whole $60 certificate. Anyone know how slim the chinos are? Comparable to J.crew urban slim fit broken in chinos?
PM sent.
I had the same problem trying on some small tag sized PS in store. Fine going on but a pain in the ass getting them off the foot...took me a little while
Sid Mashburn online store carries New Standards for $165. Not the biggest difference and someone already mentioned Need Supply. Maybe Mashburn will have a sale that includes these though...eventually.
Ill be heading there this Sunday. Been really excited to get one of these store in the US. Ill report back with info and hopefully pictures.
s3lam, great find. Cant believe they didnt get picked up sooner at a higher price. Was it an odd size?
How was the length of the jacket? Im 5'9 and was wondering between 46R and 46S (european sizing)
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Or just wait for me to flip mine (which I'm fairly certain I'll do, hearing that it's fused...) I need a US36 (EU46). Thanks anyway.
Kind of mad I didn't pull the trigger on the windowpane one. I'll wait for the next sale I guess.
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