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Eh, not to spread too much hate around, I just don't like their curation. It's a lowest common denominator approach to "artisanal Americana", which itself has jumped the shark.
Yea, but you have to order from Stag.
No - no vents, no buttons.
I went Medium. I have broad shoulders (44/54 in alot of French brands) and the jacket is just right in that dimension. This is due to it being almost entirely unconstructed. Sleeves are a little short, but I don't mind the slightly-cropped look, particularly because the length is also cropped. No vents so the short length doesn't lean weird, on me at least. That's if you're going for a tailored look. And yea, it's polyester and there are some downsides there, namely a...
It's a shame they are not.
The lightweight blazer is the only item I've purchased and kept from this collection. It's a slick, technical garment and the color tone (grey specifically) is not one I've seen before (although I'm sure I will). It's dope, irrespective of price point.
Like a bottle of French's threw up on a lumberjack.
Read: "I would like to participate in this discussion and share appreciation for this topic, but my interests in this topic only extend as far as one category, and in fact I'm not really interested in that category. So, I'm not really interested in this topic."
American trad company, old school New England. Was bought by Japanese company at some point. Mark McNairy was creative director at some point.
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