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@bapcha Photo of crotch added.
Grailed is horrible.
Well, Éditions MR/Melindagloss just shut out North America - they've raised shipping from 20 to 60 euro. They did drop the price of their shirts a little.
Not much for the ivy league, then. I can't blame her.Is there a Welsh version of the American Trad look?
By the way, @Munky, following up on a question you had back in May re Bass Weejuns, I recently obtained a pair from their 'Made In USA' line (the Lavin), and I'm sorry to say they're about as poor quality as their mainline offering, despite the much higher price point. Leathers was shellacked and the construction sloppy, with very little support in the footbed. It's a shame, because as I noted before the Mr. Porter x Bass collection from last Fall was a solid offering. I...
That would make a handsome collection. I especially like the Trickers. The Doc Martens are definitely an aesthetic more popular in the UK than over here, but I can see them being a good, durable boot. In all cases, I do think Dainite or commando soles allow for more practical wear.
I should think rain would be an immediate argument in favor of boots. Next would be fashion, unless you are a woodsman or work an oil rig.Personally I have a hard time incorporating boots without invoking the generic, Made-in-USA, Americana look that I feel has run it's course over here. That being said, I could still go for a pair of Alden Indies or plain toe boots.I just picked up some Chelseas made by Cheaney, in order to give the whole Hedi Slimane thing a go (not...
I did apply a thin coat all around, but focused additional conditioner on the toe and in that area. These are pretty new shoes so I don't want to risk over-moisturizing. The gash really isn't noticeable unless you're as close as my camera was and in the right light. I can live with being snubbed by the rodent dandy community.
@ace13x, @Petepan Gash is not gone but is significantly reduced in appearance, after application of some Lexol conditioner and aggressive brushing with a horse hair. Admittedly I'm not the most accomplished in the art of buffing. Thanks again.
It's appreciated. I plan to try your approach first, but as this is the first I'm applying anything to this pair I just wanted to make sure I started with the right solution. As I would not otherwise be applying polish to this pair (I haven't had them long enough, I don't believe), and since I have Lexol on hand, I'll start with that.Thanks again.
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