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Please. I would never lend my name to anything as crass as that.
Nothing specific. Just the abundance of enthusiam and hosptality rings hollow, like someone has a gun to their head.I prefer my sales associates to have a slight disdain for life.
In the realm of customer service appreciation, I feel like there is perhaps a breaking point where quality service just becomes off-putting. Case in point, I feel like I'm receiving a sunshine enema every time FWRD replies to one of my emails.
Following up on this, I got the 2-button camel coat from this season and will note that it's definitely lighter weight than the 3-button I have from last season. This is partially due to my sizing down to 54, whereas my 3-button is a 56, but per square inch it's just not as dense. This might have to do with last season's being 100% wool and this specific coat being 80/20 wool/polyamide, or the fact that last season's used Tuskania fabrics (this season's does not, or at...
Can't speak to the cords, but just tried on the garbadine seamless chino in L and my experiece was similar - huge waist (like 36"), short rise and fairy loose leg.
To be clear, I don't disparage those who wear Abercrombie. Simply speaking to the image they have cultivated in their illustrious career.
The 45s arrived today and I can confirm that going with your CP size (Achilles specifically) is the way to go. The 45 is only a little over .25" longer than the 44s (~12.3" measured on the outsole), but that's enough for my feet. And they're still pretty narrow along the foot and in the toe box, so my narrower-leaning feet aren't swimming in them. I'm still able to fit a quarter insole in their comfortably (partially for support, partially aesthetic, as I have lower...
Off of merchandise marked down 99%.This might be an age thing, but I can't get past the perception of Abercrombie I have from growing up in the 90s and early oughts, no matter who the creative director is. They'd have to change their name and not tell me for me to forget their cologne-drenched Adonis-from-Ohio aesthetic. Or their baby thongs. Or their racist "ironic" T shirts. Or the true irony of their homoerotic marketing targeted to suburban quarterbacks afraid of their...
1. Cost is relative.2. Yea, not bad. They're standard Scotch-knit sweater fare but slightly hippified.
New Posts  All Forums: