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They sent an email earlier this year - it's based on your previous expenditure at their store. If you've spent less than 500 pounds than you're not going to see it.
I do not think I want my work day ruined Monday because I was up at 3 AM waiting to cop. Again.
I'm banking on these running large (I've read they do), else I'm in for sadness. That's to say, a size 3 may fit you, depending.
Cheers. Picked up the Hender Scheme loafers.Edit: I'm sorry this is back-to-back with the above comment.
I still haven't figured out why people aren't content just wearing potato sacks.Regardless of people's discretionary income, we as a society - and certainly everyone in this thread and forum, and especially myself - place a bizarre value on not just clothing, but expensive clothing.
I'm neither rich nor poor and I geek out on 80%-off, free shipping and free returns as much as the next guy. But I agree that it's not a supportable model unless you have the capital of, say, Yoox.
I think a lot of the smaller boutiques which maybe 5 years ago were only brick and mortars now have a stronger web presence. That, combined with a lot of newer boutiques trying to compete in the newly-opened mass online market (bad idea, given the Porterization of shopper's expectations).A couple of examples: Frances May in Portland is probably in more people's rotation than they were 5 years ago. Same with Roden Grey, Jonathan and Olivia, Nomad and the like. At the same...
Gotcha. Maybe they're saving it for a surprise blow-out.
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