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Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi walking is a secondary function for those shoes. their primary function is to be waving in the air around your ears how true how true it is
wow i guess im a douchebag
Who the F wears suits to work? A polo and slacks thats as formal as it gets. What is the point in wearing a suit to work....i see these lawyers walking down the street wearing suits and just wonder what the point is.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving Setting aside the fact that you're a fool for paying $5000 for a real Rolex... (or just wealthy and bored) My friend bought a few high quality replicas ($300+) He took them to Tourneau and they were not able to tell the difference. Even after opening them up, it was not entirely obvious. Without opening them up, the salesman said it was impossible to tell. This is how good the highest quality fakes are. ...
i have to agree that i am on of the few people i know that actually cares about what i dress and am a guy. i make sure to wear stuff people will talk about but ive only meet only 1 other guy who cares at all.
I really am in love with the Modern Amusement polos I think they are perfect for the slim-fit. I believe all their polos are slimfit.
i love shopping at these discount places like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, Ross, Marshalls and outlet malls i have relatives all over the world and its made my life so much easier buying cloths. most of the stuff they have is just junk, but they do have some amazing stuff. i have found so many amazing pieces i am really surprised. i make it my saturday morning ritual to hit up at least 3 of these stores. I live in san diego and we have some very well...
Yes those Scandanavians they know what life is all about... for your approval:
Quote: Originally Posted by Makeshift_Robot That's so cool, I want it so bad. Massive Chewbacca x Uncontrol steez. Does Adidas ever stock stuff in XS? yes but super rarely. if you need XS the best bet is going to be get a Small that is SuperStar fit
what do you guys think of Alternative Apparel? i really like their tshirts they are soft and about $10-20 each
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