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Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Do you watch Jersey Shore too? actually i hate jersey shore. i dress well most of the time but Ed Hardy has its place in the fashion landscape. if i want to go to a nightclub in San Diego or Orange County that is gonna be full of while people as a Asian (Indian) i need to convey to the white people that I am i picked up a pair of jeans and shirt by Ed Hardy and I have to admit as much as...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Really? Brands that only put out screenprints on shitty made in China tees are one trick ponies? Who would've thunk it how the truth is so simple
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt Ok, after looking at hel-looks for a little while I've noticed a couple of trends: - The vast majority of girls on there are definitely not hot, many of them are downright ugly. I hope the average girl walking on the street in Helsinki is better looking than that. - Amost every single post is someone bragging about how they bought their entire outfit at a flea market for like 5 euros or some shit. Either finns are...
I have 2 pieces by Ed Hardy a super soft shirt with a naked chick and the title "No Regrets" and super dark blue jeans with a woman embrodered on the back pocket. I love em. But i hate most of their stuff its just ugly but they do have a few nice pieces Dont be hatin
what do you all think of Paper Denim jeans? I just got some of their "Purple Label" and am just loving them. I wish I bought more than a pair.
Modern Amusement makes some awesome polos. Adidas Originals also has some really amazing polos if you can find the slim-fit ones. perfect for the beach
Finnish girls are the hottest blondes period! i still remember this GGW with a Finnish she was hot.
i tried a few on but they were to pricy. they fit very nice very nice denim but $150 for jeans is just to much for someting that is nice but not a must have (at least my budge). havent seen any on sale anywhere either not even on ebay
I am in love with these Puma Evisu Black Black Skinny Long Denim. ANyone else wearing this? My question is how are we suppose to wash them? I have only worn them about 3 times maybe for a few hours total.
What does everyone think of Rebel8 ? I have been a huge fan for years but i think the whole naked girls with tattos thing is getting kinda old. i still buy 1 or 2 shirts from each season but i think they are turning into a 1 trick pony.
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