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how many people do you think will show up to his rally tomorrow in DC?
Why is shit so expensive and why can i only afford to shop on Ebay and outlet sucks. Black Wax jeans $200 when it costs $80 in Pakistan or China Rolex for $3500 when a fake is $300 in Malaysia money money money
Hello Fashion Elite, I have fallen head over heals for the Black Black Wax Jeans and Black Black Wax Biker Jeans and I prefer the skin tight/skinny fit Who are some brands i should be looking at?
If your looking for slimfit try Krew they are a skater brand but their polos are perfect if you want slim fit. Of course the standard i feel is Penguin they have great line of Heritage Fit polos that are super soft made in Peru and slim fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by nycfan i used to hate ed hardy, until i found a tee that i really liked. . thats exactly what happened to me. i hated Ed Hardy and never understood why people buy it..and i still dont. until i found 1 tshirt and 1 pair of jeans that i just fell in love with. ill have to post the pics and find out what others think but most of my friends hate Ed Hardy as well except for the tshirt i got even they want it.
I love polos and wear them all the time. I suggest the Adidas Orignals polos. They have something called the Adidas Originals Vespa line and its awesome for us darker people. The standards are Penguin slim fit and Modern Amuesement. Also Krew makes some pretty nice polos they are all slim fit.
try the Evisu Puma line they have some plain stuff
I want black black wax biker jeans that are preferably skinny. Who should i be looking at?
Regarding Polarized sunglasses. Who makes the best polarized sunglasses to be used for driving? How about ones that look good and can be used for walking on the beach or going cycle riding? I have the Police brand Polarized glasses and love them but am wondering what else is out there. Ive been looking at Mosley Tribes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker I'm sorry you're so poor. i am too it sucks being poor; im really trying hard not to be. but even if i had Gorden Gecko money i doubt i would tip more. i think its more a state of mind. i just dont understand why i need to tip at restaurants. i have been explained the reasoning but it just doest make sense to me at all.
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