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Jedidah and Alternative Apparel i think make awesome hoodies.
Every year I go as Hugh Hefner. I have his classic silk Made in Italy redrobe and a old Pentex SLR K1000 film camera. The best costume ive seen is the oily BP Engineer with wrench
Quote: Originally Posted by bkstone Agreed So i am guessing Air Dry is the only way to clean them? I have the Evisu Puma black wax denim and am just in love with those. Also am wearing the Caen & Abel they are also great but not as great as the Evisu Pumas.
Quote: Originally Posted by ddragovi just grabbed these off ebay... should be here on monday Dita - Avocet How did these turn out? How much did you pay?
i am also looking at starting my own label. i think that could be a whole other website just devoted to 'how to make a small/niche clothing label'
What do you guys think. If i can buy 3 pairs of jeans for $200 or 1 pair for $200. What should I do. I am equally in love with the 3 pairs as I am with the 1 pair. For details I am looking at the Evisu Puma skinnny black wax jaeans versus the Nudie black dry coated jeans.
I talked to a few Japanese over the weekend and they said that in Japan Uniqlo is considered a brand for the 40+ crowd. Are Japanese just less conservative dressers than us in the States?
I wish I had the money to buy 10 brands stuff... here goes nothing 1-Evisu Puma - Black Wax Jeans 2-Paul Smith - Eyewear 3-Puma - sneakers 4-Aldo - dress/going out shoes 5-Penguin - Polo's 6-Crossroads (Pakistani Custom-Tailored Brand) - Dress Pants ...thats all i want...
how are we suppose to wash black wax jeans? should we just use cold water and woolite?
Tankfarm makes some super soft t's. My favorite is with the logo: Blood Gears and Guts
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