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i always am amazed what i get complemented on. i have never been complemented on the expensive nice stuff but only on my lowcost flashy stuff.
so it took a reduction of price from 4000 to 250 to get someone to buy that. and it still didnt fit. Jil Sanders is not as i thought
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Edit: Skip designer denim, just get Uniqlo S-000 (whatever the basic skinny ones are). I did and haven't looked back. ya but the problem with Uniqlo is I dont live in NYC and they dont sell online so how the F am I suppose to buy Uniqlo. why dont NYC people sell Uniqlo on Ebay?
for plain tees i like Alternative Apparel jeans i really think its worth it to get the best and a few of them Paper Denim is great for daily wear, Evisu Puma for those club nights
Because im in So-Cal i only wear the heavy/winter cloths maybe 1 week the whole year. Some specialty stuff i have i only wear a few times a year. Some stuff i i know that isnt well made but looks nice i try to wear alot until it falls apart in a good month or two.
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG Okay this is the biggest bullshit sentiment on SF. How many SFers are actually content only owning a few items? We all end up just blowing tons of money buying just as much(if not more) clothing than our non-SF counterparts. your 110% correct
Quote: Originally Posted by foryoureyesonly It sucks when you really like something, but have to concern yourself with status, but that's just how things are I guess. All I'm asking is if Tissots are viewed in a good light and it's a respectable watch, not asking if it's viewed like AP, VC, IWC, Breitling, and what have you, haha. Seriously? You are hanging with the wrong crowd or have the wrong attitude. I wear stuff for me and I do...
I am assuming unless someone lives in Pakistan, China or Vietnam getting cloths taylored is hella expensive. Unless doing it yourself. Maybe I am wrong or just poor.
What about Alternative Apparel? I think they made awesome basic stuff
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