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Quote: Originally Posted by bananananana Anyone know of a good black waxed denim in a straight slim leg (think 514 ish cut)? Tried the nudie thin finns but they were too skinny and the denim felt like I could rip them apart like a paper towel. Revolve has a pair of Communes that might fit the bill but don't have any experience w/ that brand. Communes are nice but only for like $30 or less. They are not the highest quality but they do look...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol whoa dude girls stroke your clothes? So jealous, I can only get them to stroke my penis Haha thats really funny
Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne Yes. Come on, 12 is not a big number. 50 or 100 would probably be a problem, anything else not so much. the more practice she has had the better she is gonna be in bed. ya we all want a Virgin who can f*** like a PornStar but seriously i think when you get in your 30's it wont matter much. BTW 12 partners is nothing
I think it just takes time. I use to not even think about fashion until about 2 years ago. I have gone from being the absolute worst dressed person around to now im being complimented and being 'touched' on my clothing. I regularly get hot girls complementing me on what i wear. And the icing on the cake is they will run their hands on my cloths. For me its a night and day difference. I think its about finding your personal style and that just takes...
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Durex Extra Sensitive, purple and black box. I found Kimonos are better. I was using those Durex until i found the Kimonos
Quote: Originally Posted by NoK I've had a normal job for 4 months, so I finally have some cash to spend on myself. I will also be back in the US for Christmas, where it will cost about 40% less or even cheaper for just about everything that I'd want to buy. I'm trying to get back on track. Do you think someone traveling from US to Sweden can buy stuff from USA and carry it with them then sell it in Sweden for a profit?
Quote: Originally Posted by Understatement I would like to buy some Hoodies for Fall.. I really like the hoodies of Rallph lauren or Superdry as they are slim fitted.. Are there any ohter brands that you could recommend of making nice hoodies? Thanks!!! Im a skinny guy and I find that Ralph Lauren hoodies and polo's seem to be tight on the chest area then a little loose in the stomach area. Is that the experence others are having as...
Steve Aoki and his entire label Dim Mak He is living the dream.
The style of play is totally different now then in Jordans era. I remember in Jordans era players were fun to watch for fans and for non-fans. Now watching Basketball or anysport it seems like these players are just technicians doing their job trying to win. The fun has been taken out of sports
Quote: Originally Posted by grouper why do people bump threads that are 3 years old? Some of us are just late to some fashions.
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