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Quote: Originally Posted by eckblk CityConnection: What's the word on Dita's quality, I'm thinking about purchasing two pair at full retail. Let me know what you think. Speaking of Dita. Does anyone make anything identical to Dita but just cheaper? Its way outta my price range but the quality is amazing.
I have to admit it I wear the womans cut of Evisu Puma Black Wax Jeans ( ) The reason is because I want to wear super skinny fit jeans and have a hard time finding super skinny fit in any mens line.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower I don't know about every store, but I just got a beautiful pair of Heshers for $35 at the 3rd St Promenade. Sale stuff in the back of the store. Lots of 501s, 505s, 510s, 514s, some STFs, 597s. I always find Levi's for about $10 to $15 at TJ Maxx
Quote: Originally Posted by SirGrotius Sooo...I purchased my first pair of Dior Homme jeans (gray, 19 cm), and oh my, how am I ever going to go back to Diesel and the like? The price for these was steep (I bought it at the boutique), but well worth it considering how much I wear jeans. This thread doesn't have much of a purpose except to spread the love. Oh yes, does anyone get their 21cm jeans? I didn't even see them at the store. I'm not used...
Quote: Originally Posted by wEstSidE isn't gay sex illegal in singapore? also isn't oral sex illegal there? i think i read that. that one guy with the u-neck shirt - that shirt gives him moobs. Its amazing how financially/technically/modern succuessful Singapore is. But at what expense did it come from? Seems like its a society that doesnt have much sex at all. They even setup a government agency to help the...
Quote: Originally Posted by dsmolken With Ed Hardy not cool anymore, it's time to move on. This sums it up: I dont think Ed Hardy is going away. Ed Hardy has opened up 1 store I know of in San Diego (maybe its a franchise?) and its very busy. We may not like Ed Hardy but that brand has a huge following. The stuff is made well and its attention getting. That is what alot of...
Are they available at every Brooks Brothers? I went to the Brooks Brothers Outlet store in Carlsbad CALIFORNIA and they said they dont carry them.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragonxking The only stockist I know that carries APC anything in San Diego is Barney's COOP in fashion valley mall. While you're in town, you should definitely stop by Lolitas for a box of carne asada fries Just head down to TJ and get the $1 street tacos or go out for amazing Argeninian food - of coursedont get shot!
For those of us who are in Americas Finest City and are unable to make it to Los Angeles for our shopping needs. Wanted to find out what are considered the top mens clothing shops. Most of them I am assuming are gonna be corporate places (Puma, Nordstrums, outlet malls) but some independent places might be here as well.
Hello StyleForum, I want jeans that stay looking new as long as possible. Right now I been wearing 511 Levi Super Skinny Fit (very dark /rust denim), Evisu Puma Skinny Fit Black Wax and Caen & Abel Straight Fit Black Wax jeans. But for me those are all expensive jeans that I wear when going out. What do you recommend for daily wear (or should I have some jeans that I rotate?).
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