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Rio will be a blast. The party doesnt stop. Pickup a cheap snake-skin wallet they are amazing ultra thin.
#1 Chocalote covered Macadamia nuts #2 Chocalote covered granola bars #3 Maple Pecan Ceral #4 French Bread #5 Chocaloate Truffles
It depends on the ype of jeans you have. Some jeans you dont wash at all such as the Black Wax or any Waxy type of denim. If you want that "new" jean look then YES DO NOT WASH THEM. If they start to smell put them in the freezer for a few days then the smell will go away.
depending on quantity you might have to go direc to factories in Pakistan, Peru and other places that use organic cotton and have experianced semstresses.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN Do all hipster girls do drugs? fun girls like to party - and usually at least in Southern California that involves supplements
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur Yes, they will absolutely shrink. My tagged 32 came measured a 34 (as I expected), and after a soak and a few washes, it seems to have almost permanently shrunk down to a 32 or 32.5. They say sanforized but they seem to have some permanent shrinkage like unsanforized denim. After the soak and wash did alot of the color leave? Do they still have that new jean look or do they look used?
Quote: Originally Posted by lmaozedong then you are definitely not looking hard enough. its true that now more Super Skinny jeans are around for guys. but for me they are out of my price range. I have a hard time affording jeans about $40 and I was able to find womans jeans that are a perfect fit for me for less than $40.
Quote: Originally Posted by G0079 They've also basically had the same government since the end of WW2... Cambodian girls are the best looking in that part of SE Asia. Cambodian? Hmmm any hotspots in So-Cal that hot Cambodian girls hangout in?
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenyears I've hated every single brand that has appeared on Jackthreds. I don't know why I keep checking on them, never have bought a thing and probably never will! ........... has good stuff sometimes but always in the oddest sizes. Not sure how they stay in biz.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS i must agree....girls in juicy piss me off. here in nashville, a juicy tracksuit, uggs, and LV bag with prada shades so big they look like welding goggles is the style for the wimmins. And their boyfriends are always in true religions, and a button up with skulls, crosses, dragons, gnomes, wizardry, and sparkles...topped off with pointy toed boots. They deserve each other!
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