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i have to say keep being a friend but dont go out to events with new people. sounds like a fun chap
from my experience its best to cut all ties with the Ex's. i have tried to remain friends but it just ruins current relationships
besides drinking lots of water..i suggest use Almond Oil on the face. i use it and it has helped me alot
put a pic of what your hair looks like now...that the best way to tell how to get that style.
i agree picture three with the shoulder long thick hair is the way to go. i just use Jojoba Oil in my hair. I have crazy thick dull asian hair...that is almost an afro. The Jojoba oil makes it way more managable.
i have really course dull thick asian hair. i use Jojoba oil every night. it has made my hair shy richer and smoother. worth a try.
i have to agree about buying frames online. i just dont understand how some of these places have deals that are 50 % or 80% of B&M. I bought a pair of Police polarized glasses for $60 online but are $200 at SunglassHut in Carlsbad Outlet Mall. I got them 6 weeks after i ordered them and i just love them. I did the polarized test...and yes they are polarized. they look totally authentic...but i just dont understand how do they get such deals.
premature white hair runs in my family. my grandfather was all white haired by the time he was 13. i started turning white by the time i was 15. i am now 60-70% white. i dye my hair that fake-jet/matte black.
im a social smoker. just tried Djarum menthol cloves 12 in a pack. love em. my favorites of all time are the menthol Davidoff's i cant find them anymore here in San Diego.
unless im going to go back to that restaurant ill never tip
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