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WOW that is awesome you are taking a trip out there. I wish i had the time and the money. I do suggest Finland. Its the most different place on the planet. If you are into the whole Soviet thing I suggest checking out: Have fun Eastern Euro girls are easy & cant wait to leave to the West
Jerimiah hoodie #1
I try to buy multiple pieces of the same stuff. But its tough to find multiple pieces usually.
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Already married. Sorry I'm working with an NGO promoting and teaching micro-credit and small business techniques. Sucks to be married. How did you get this job? Sounds like it could be alot of fun to spend a summer in SouthAmerica
Do we need to work in the nighclub industry to attend? Isnt this just for those 'in the biz'?
Puerta Vallarta in MX or Cancun thats Spring Break!
I never liked cupcakes but have tried hundreds until I discovered the organic cupcakes (ive tried them a few places) and they are to die for. Organic Red Velvet Cupcakes are amazing
Davidoff Menthol Benson & Hedges Menthol Rasberry Mint Hookah!!! That is living!
no way why would someone do that in the first place its just gonna cause problems
For the exact opposite of a family friendly hotel is HardRock in San Diego. That is for when you need to escape from the kids. Any generic hotel im sure will do for a family.
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