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Have you heard the album?
He doesn't really sing on it...or, I wouldn't call that singing...sounds like him rapping to me.
Finally got this in the mail: And then found my face in the crowd photo from the Warfield in 92
Fail...what could have been a forward leaning project turned out to sound like someone taping a Black Keys jam session and rapping over it. Its boring as all hell...
That would just be death by boredom and I thought it was a good season finale...just wish the whole season had been as decent. Mia didn't get him arrested, the boyfriend did after Hank beat the shit out of him.
Its not out yet, called Wake Up The Nation....I don't believe Weller is too keen on Buckler...I would LOVE to hear Weller do a version of Turning Japanese...only if it has Mick on cheesy synth though.....
I really didn't dig the final scene...I mean, its a show, whatever...but can't do kids in peril stuff. That said, it seemed very rushed and the extra interview bit with the two guys afterwards made it seem even more cliche/cheesy to end it like that. yeah, I'll watch next season...just hope it starts with them finding the sister in her place as well....
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 What do you think of this? More badassedness from the wonder-walrus...seriously dig it, though I think 22 Dreams is close to the best thing he has ever done. And I still listen to Cost of Loving sometimes...so I might not exactly be impartial. One thing for sure, it leaves me wanting to hear more in a good way. Did you read that Bruce Foxton is on the new album? I hear they do a freakish version of...
Matt Deighton - A Part of You Life Paul Weller - 7&3 Is the Striker's Name dinosaur jr - farm
Shiva Blast! LMFAO!
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