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Rip Torn is a hell of a drug...
Are you lacing them up real tight? I leave mine a bit loose and have had no problems with the collar hurting my ankles. Now I'm just trying to decide if I am going to seal them and make them darker or not. I have been wearing them to work with khakis. They work great, look fine (not out of place) and keep my feet warm. A great xmas gift!
Saw Ink recently and really dug it. Actings not the greatest but I thought it was fairly original for scifi/fantasy stuff.
"I bet board is spelled B - O - R - E - D"
Man, that video of him on Conan, ripping on the Carrot Top movie was great....
The part about his nephew was hilarious...but Raaaandy stuff was weak.
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit liked him in his younger stand-up bar stool-sitting and chain-smoking years Yeah, those are called his "Hicks" years....
Oh shit, ok I laughed quite a bit...I needed that, thanks. It'll rule if the thing has a countdown at the very end and it blows up.
Quote: Originally Posted by sybaritical He got famous by ripping off Bill Hicks' stand up act. Enough said. Though that is definitely true, IMO...Leary has actually gone on to do some good stuff outside of what he ripped off from Hicks. I wouldn't say his stand up is anything good...but I really love Rescue Me. Seems clear that he always had more in mind than stand up.
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