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Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara This is truly sad. I hope he gets some help. Wait...with the drinking problem, right?
Rip Torn is a hell of a drug...
Are you lacing them up real tight? I leave mine a bit loose and have had no problems with the collar hurting my ankles. Now I'm just trying to decide if I am going to seal them and make them darker or not. I have been wearing them to work with khakis. They work great, look fine (not out of place) and keep my feet warm. A great xmas gift!
Saw Ink recently and really dug it. Actings not the greatest but I thought it was fairly original for scifi/fantasy stuff.
"I bet board is spelled B - O - R - E - D"
Man, that video of him on Conan, ripping on the Carrot Top movie was great....
The part about his nephew was hilarious...but Raaaandy stuff was weak.
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit liked him in his younger stand-up bar stool-sitting and chain-smoking years Yeah, those are called his "Hicks" years....
Oh shit, ok I laughed quite a bit...I needed that, thanks. It'll rule if the thing has a countdown at the very end and it blows up.
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