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Finally watching the tivo'd episodes of this. At first I thought it was very episodic, like it was stated, not much its becoming clearer that the arc just just bigger than it appeared. I'm digging it quite a bit. It cracks me up that he's a southern dude and wears so much jcrew.
I figured it out, its all based on "This Little Light Of Mine" and its Petarded.
Has caused a major Dr John and Toussaint kick the show.
The Wonder Walrus f'ng strikes again!!!!!
Damn, RIP
So Claire is the new Roussou then? I get the feeling that there are no good or bad people...just waring factions....
TAD Gear once again....Force 10 Legionnaires are badass...they make them in herringbone now as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by jesask Rod Stewart...I win as much as I don't like Stewart for leaving Laney out to dry....Collins sucks way more...the Faces add cred.
They were trying to keep up with the flow....
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara This is truly sad. I hope he gets some help. Wait...with the drinking problem, right?
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