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Quote: Originally Posted by dalej again, i feel this works to both of our advantage! over commumicating burns a relationship out fast We look forward to seeing each other this way. Internet is available in this region of mexico but she does not have a computer or internet. I was thinking of getting her both, but again dont want to put out the fire with bucket of over commumicating. Again, as of now this is fun, a great ego boost and did I say...
Bump, lowered prices again.
Both sold and shipped, thanks
$30 shipped
Bump, prices lowered
Cleaning out some stuff, packing for a move. Two Armand Basi short sleeve summer shirts from 2 seasons ago. They have been worn only a few times as I found the fabric to be too light for work. They are very nice, straight at at the bottom. One is a nice off white with brown stripe, the other is a light blue with darker light blue stripe. I believe they were $120 new, asking $60 each or $100 for both. Updated: $25 each or $40 for both. Shoulder - 18" Arm pit - 22" Top...
Not sure how you could even try and compare The Wire to Lost....must only be based on popularity, not content.
Got your PM, will send measurements in a bit, sorry for the wait.
The 32 x 36 knights are sold. Junk - thanks for the offer. I fit better in the 33's anyhow. Indigos are still available.
I'm looking to sell two pairs of Levis STF 501s that I got the wrong size on. SOLD First is a 32x36 pair of Knight (I think that's the color, darker blue) that has been rinsed once, only tried on. They are at about 31" in the waist and 34.5" inseam. SOLD Then I have a regular indigo 33x36 that is a 32" in the waist and 34" or so in the inseam. Asking $25 for each, shipping included. Selling because I am a 32x32, and these are too long, makes more sense to buy new...
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