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New Wilco? Huh? Where? Help!
almond milk. I stay away from dairy products as much as possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque How much do the AA polos shrink post-wash, no dry? A small fits me perfectly unwashed off the rack. I bought 3 mediums a couple months back...they didn't shrink too much, just a little in length (which worked out ok, the seemed a bit long). What bugged me is that one seemed to be cut different, the neck is smaller around, so it buttons a bit off. Their QC is spotty...
Yes, do tell
Hmm, do they run the same size wise for the waist? As in, would a 30 in the RB1 be the same as a 30 in the RB6 or 11? The 6 seemed quite a bit tighter actually...
I just tried on a pair of RB6s and RB11s yesterday (30x32s, both) and the RB6s were actually tighter than the RB11s....My issue, even the RB6s seemed a bit tighter than I liked. I really like the denim, but am wondering if the RB1s would be better...are they much looser?
Its all downhill after Bill Hicks....
Have these been washed...or will they shrink in length when washed?
Not sure if this should go here, or in the Streetwear section....My lovely wife bought this Oliver Spencer jacket for me last summer. I really like it, though I'm completely new at well...dressing in any stylish manner. I've been trying to find a pair of pants that work, and even finding shirts that work has me kind of baffled. I figured charcoal pants with some kind of solid shirt would work, but I'd also like to be able to dress way down with a pair of jeans...any...
Oh crap...guess I have to buy it now huh?
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