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I grabbed MP3s from the Black Dub studio videos up on Youtube...Brian Blade is such a badass.
I didn't read the article, but I totally disagree that it takes longer or is somehow more diffcult to understand what Treme is about. Just watch the show and don't over over think it...the beauty of how David Simon and Co put their stuff together is that you can get totally engrossed in the place. The different levels of social interaction that weave together, its a badass show and hits a different vibe for me than The Wire. Also, its pretty great watching such a fufilling...
Loved it, hell of a Father's Day season finale!
exactly, they fake at playing a good game lol
This is what pissed me off about Italy last cup...they spend at least half the game acting, rolling on the ground writhing in pain begging for fouls. Its annoying as hell.
Nirvana sucks...sell outs... wait...
Quote: Originally Posted by clockwise Matthew Shipp - Harmonic Disorder (2009) Together with Pastoral Composure, this is the Shipp album I like most. No one does it better when it comes to post bop jazz piano with the right amount of avant gardish edge. I like the idea of a Matthew Shipp...and enjoyed seeing him live, but have just never gotten into his albums. I'll have to look into this one.
$25, then off to ebay I guess.
New Black Keys = good!
Quote: Originally Posted by Frodo Duuude... Listen to yourself.
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