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Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy (this has more drama then the show!!!) But more than the books?
Wow, that sucks. I remember that too...we were such cycling nerds in school that we'd make Fignon and Liggett jokes in class...
No comments on Eric's ringtone? I laughed my ass off, a bit unexpected
You know, I want to like them...it seems like they have this great nack for developing cool intros to songs, and then never actually get on with it. Funny video though...
I'm really digging this, got it when it came out and never really listened to it much...
Wow, my read is way off...I dug this episode. I mean, usual BS sillyness..but I laughed my ass off when Jason shot Franklin, I'm sick of seeing this weak female being terrorized by evil raping male shit...too much of it in real life, don't need more in 'entertainment'...I was afraid Jason wouldn't shoot him. I can't wait to see Erik take Russell down.
They were aliases. I forgot to add that I actually liked Rourke's role...even the cheesey downer part actually had some depth.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower I saw people sleeping during the movie and immediately thought they had entered a different level of viewing experience. Quote: Originally Posted by alan Hed make a great James Bond i thought I definitely think he should be picked for Bond if Craig doesn't do it. I really dug the movie, the more I think about it the more I like it. I just don't think TOO deeply about...
Was there a clip at the end of the credits? I didn't stay that long... I guess I never really GOT these movies...I was nuts for Die Hard, but always thought the other big action movies were really bad. I did laugh at the "I'm hanging a pirate" line...and the dude using that shotgun. The rest...well...was boring.
Jolie Holland - The Living and the Dead and Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse
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